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  1. There are 3kinds of  passes :

      $37 (a photograph is taken) = 1day.

      $62(A photograph is taken)= 2days  or days visit per one week validity(Any 3days in a week and 3holes punched at the checkpoint ).

      $72(a photograph is taken)= 7days (any 7days in a month and 7holes punched at the checkpoint).

   2. the working time start at 5.00am to 5.30pm.

   3. visiting hours start from 5.30am to 5.30pm .

   4. the passes can not be  Changed or Refunded at later time, you can use your ticket to visit all temples except Kulen mountain and Bengmelea temple.

   5. the passes for the next day are sold from everyday.

   6. please keep your ticket wit you during the visit , if you laminate , lose,tear, wet,or  the date can not be read , you will have  to buy a new one.

   7. children under 12years old are not required to buy the ticket with showing their passport.

   8. the purchase of entrance ticket must be made at the ticket sales booths. ticket buy from a third parties are not valid.

  9. the ticket are transferable to third parties.

 10.the visitor are found without an entrance ticket or a transferred ticket  are subject to a fine of :

      $100 for the value of 1day ticket(37$).

      $200 for the value of 2days or 3days(62$).

      $300 for the value of one week ticket(72$). Offenders will be prosecuted and handed over to the police.

 11. visitors are asked to keep their until they have completed their visit.

 12.foreigners of Cambodian birth or whose parents are Cambodian are exempt from paying the entrance fee provided that they show a " K " type visa in their passport.

 13.foreigners who have been granted Cambodian citizenship must show their national ID card in order to be exempted from paying the entrance fee.


 DRESS CODE : revealing clothes such as short and skirt above the knees and showing bare shoulders are prohibited in sacred  places .






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