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 We offer the best package tour with a professional tour guide and driver (reasonable price) in Siemreap Angkor , Cambodia. If you are coming without any idea or plans and don't know which one you should visit during you are in my country . Below I will give you a suggestion of the tour route between (1DAY ,2DAYS , 3DAYS, 4DAYS & 5DAYS....) . Please do not hesitate , if you have any suggestions and most the temples we have mentioned are located in Siemreap . please email us with any options that you want to do  and here you are :

   ONE DAY TOUR : 7.30AM we will see you at the hotel lobbies and go to buy the temples pass then go to Taprohm (tomb raider site ) , Tanei (hide in the jungle ) , Takeo (10century or unfinished temples) , victory gate (with gigantic face of Buddha), Angkor thom city, Bayon(4with smiling face of Budhha compassion) , Baphoun (11century with Buddha reclining ) , Royal palace , Phimeanakas , Terrace of elephant, Terrace of leper king and lunch .

 After lunch :Angkor wat (12thcentuTking 


Largest Hindu's temple in the world ) and 4pm go to Bakheng hill for sunset.

 Total fee:

 1) 1pax t0 3pax cost 65$ (car+ tour guide)

 2) 1pax  to 3pax cost 50$ (tuk tuk + tour guide)  

 3) 4pax to 12pax cost 85$(Van + tour guide)


Meet you 4.45am in hotel lobbies 

Buy ticket then Angkor wat (12th century Hindu temple ) 

Breakfast at Royal pool (Srah srong) 

Taprohm (Tomb raider ), Tanei (hide in the jungle ) Takeo,Thomanon,Chausaytevoda ,Angkor Thom city ,Royal palace ,Phimeanakas,Baphoun,Terrace of elephant /leper king ,Bayon(4smiling face of Buds ),Total fee : 

1: 1pax to 3pax (75$ tour guide +car ,sunrise , cold towel , cold water ).

2:1pax to 3pax ( 60$ tuk tuk +guide , sunrise , cold towel and cold water ...)

3) 4pax to 12pax (95$ van + tour guide )


   Day1 : 7.30am meet in hotel lobbies go to buy temple pass then 

Taprohm (tomb raider ) ,Tanei ,Takeo ,Thomanon,Chausaytevoda,Angkor Thom ,Royal palace ,Baphoun

,Terrace of elephant /leper king ,Bayon (smiling face ) , Lunch 

   Afternoon : Angkor wat 

Bakheng hill sunset .

   Day2: 4.45am meet in hotel , go to Angkor wat sunrise 

Banteay srei (pink temple 10th century),Preah khan ,Neak pean ,Tasom ,East Mebon,Pre rup .

Total fee :

1) 1pax to 3pax by tuk tuk + tour guide

2) 1pax to 3pax (155$ by car + tour guide)

3) 4pax to 12pax (160$ by van +tour guide)


   Day1: 7.30am meet in hotel , go to buy to ticket ,Taprohm (tomb raider) ,Banteay kdei ,Pre rup, East mebon,Tasom ,Neak pean , Preah khan and lunch 

   After lunch : Angkor wat sunset .

   Day2: 7am meet in hotel ,Angkor Thom ,Bayon

Terrace of elephant /leper king ,Phimeanakas ,Royal palace ,Thomanon,Chausaytevoda,Tanei , Takeo ,  Lunch 

   After lunch :Banteay kdei , Kravan ,Kompong plum .

   Day3: 4.45am meet in hotel ,Angkor wat sunrise ,Banteay srei (pink temple ) ,Banteay samre ,Rolous group ,Baking ,Preah ko .

Total fee :

2) 1pax to 3pax (220$ by car + tour guide)

3) 4pax to 12pax ( 240$ by van + tour guide)


   Day1: 8am meet in hotel , go to buy temple pass 

Taprohm , Tanei , Takeo , Thomanon , Chausatevoda , Victory gate of angkor Thom , Terrace of elephant/leper king 


   After lunch :Bayon ,South gate ,Bakheng hill sunset .

  Day2: 8.30meet in hotel ,Preah khan ,Neak pean ,Tasom ,East Menon,Pre rup ,Banteay kdei ,Lunch 

   Afternoon : Angkor wat .

  Day3: 4.45am meet in hotel ,Angkor wat sunrise ,Banteay srei,  Kulen water fall ,Banteay samre ,Rolous group, Bakong ,Preah ko .

  Day4: Bengmealea (untouched site since 1860ad ) ,Kompong pluk village (stilted houses ) ,Fishing village and rice paddies

Total fee:

1) 1pax to 3pax (cost 345$ by car + tour  guide)

2) 4pax to 12pax (cost 385$ by van + tour guide)


  Day1: 8am meet in hotel ,Buy temple pass ,Preah khan ,Neak pean ,Tasom ,East mebon,Pre rup ,Lunch 

  After lunch :Taprohm ,Bakheng hill sunset 

  Day2: 8.30am meet in hotel ,Angkor Thom ,Terrace of elephant/leper king,Royal palace ,Baphoun,Bayon Lunch 

  Afternoons : Angkor wat 

  Day3: 4.45am in hotel ,Angkor wat sunrise ,Banteay srei,Kulen mountain (birth's place of khmer impire ) Lunch ,Banteay samre ,Banteay kdei .

  Day4: Kor ker group ,Bengmelea ,Kompong pluk 

  Day5: Preah vihear on the border (Cambodia and Thailand ) 

Total fee:

1) 1pax to 3pax (

2) 1pax to 3pax(cost 465$ car + tour guide)

3) 4pax to 12pax(cost 515$ van+tour guide ).

Please email me directly (Do not use Booking form , because sometime you can't reach me )

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